The Berry Explosion Trifle

With 14•02 fast approaching, along with the perfect gift, F.A has found the ultimate dessert for this Sunday’s festivities : STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE TRIFLE. Can it sound any more delicious? So easy to make & takes only moments to assemble, this elegant dessert will for sure be the show-stopper. Love it!

Here’s the how-to…


❤️ 1 package of cake mix, baked & cut into 3/4″ squares. (although homemade is always a plus!)
❤️ 1 cup of softened cream cheese. (8 ounce pack)
❤️ 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.
❤️ 2 cups of whipping cream, whipped.
❤️ 4 cups of strawberries. ( fyi; if you are in the off-season for strawberries, experiment with other red fruits )
❤️ optional: Choose your favorite drizzle ; chocolate, strawberry or caramel



❤️ In a small bowl, beat cream cheese & sugar until smooth. Fold into whipped cream.
❤️ With your favorite dessert glasses handy (wine glasses, mason jars…) do a layer of cake cubes, then strawberries, then the cream mixture. Keep repeating until desired height.
❤️ Top it all off with a dab of whipped cream & a couple more strawberries.
❤️ Refrigerate for 4hrs.
❤️ Don’t forget the drizzle if desired!

Makes 12-14 servings.


☛ Pipe the whipping cream for an elegant look. Or spoon it for a rustic look.
☛ Add lemon juice or vanilla extract to the cream mixture for an extra punch of flavour.


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The World that is DENIM pt.1

Denim is the most popular woven in the world! If you put on a pair of jeans this morning, you’re not alone! Here’s a brief history of this wonderful fabric through the years.

  • 1800’s – 1900’s: Miners/workers wore them due to their durability and tough texture.
  • 1930’s: We’ve seen a lot of jeans in the western/cowboy’s wear.
  • 1940’s: American soldier began to wear them when they were off duty as a casual/comfy look.
  • 1950’s: Denim became most popular with the young people because movies were presenting them as a symbol of rebellion (think of James Deans).
  • 1960’s: Manufacturers started to make different styles of jeans to match this period of
    fashion as painted and embroidered jeans.
  • 1970’s: MY FAV! with the hippie flares and patchwork.
  • 1980’s: High fashion designers really got into the jeans department. Denims were now a fashion statement. Everyone had to own at least one pair. The super skinny, the rocker acid wash, the cuffs and the denim jacket were seen everywhere.
  • 1990’s: The decade of different trends: the “Canadian tuxedo” which is wearing denim on denim, the “mom jeans”, the new wide leg/big/slouchy influenced by raver/skater girls and the baggy jeans + overalls seen mostly in the hip hop world.
  • 2000’s: Denim made a huge comeback on catwalks with high fashion designers such as Chanel, Chloe, Versace and Dior. The skinnies also made a comeback with the fashion icon Kate†Moss†and numerous indie rock band. Early 2000’s is also the appearance of the looooow rise jeans that fell way below the bellybutton.

Since the 2000s, designers and manufacturers continued to play with denim and they are now offering us all kinds of differents fits/colors to match our silhouette and style. Straight leg, boot cut, skinny, flare, wide leg, relaxed cut, destructed, patchwork, raw, acid wash, vintage wash, low rise, mid-riese, high-rise, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom jeans, cropped and much more!


Here are my new 3 favorite styles that I just can’t stop wearing!

◆ The destructed/patchwork that fits perfectly with heels or sneakers! Wear it like it’s hot!


☛ SHOP this style


◆ The ultra highwaisted dark indigo skinny that makes my (and yours!) legs look so looooooooooooog!


☛ SHOP this style


◆ The ultra flattering high-rise flared jeans! I’ve been waiting for this amazing style! YAY!


☛ SHOP this style


Come back next week for my FAV MEN’S denim styles. New fits and new colors…Stay tuned!
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Kate ♥


Valentine’s day meets Self­­­–❤︎

Heart shaped boxes of everything, flowers and chocolates are everywhere to remind us that in two weeks, it’ll be Valentine’s Day. Yes. That day. But this year, even if you have a wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, a flirtation or even if you’re single… you should be enjoying this day for the love you have for YOURSELF!

We are LOVE and we have to take time for us no matter what. Here are a few self gifting ideas:

ps. ☛ Click the pics to shop! ☟


  • Buffalo David Bitton.

ladies/ The perfect feminine loose fit tops in the cutest pink color. Casual chic appeal with roll up sleeves. Sign up for the Buffalo’s newsletter and get 15% off your first order!


gentlemen/ Perfect for date night! The versatile check shirt & raspberry sorbet boxers.

men_boxers men_shirt

  • Les Pétards.

ladies/ personalized gift package with a shower gel and moisturizing cream (choose your exquisite/crazy fragrance!). Limited quantities!


gentlemen/ Here’s to your moustaches! The perfect little wooden brush with quality synthetics fibres.


  • Home.

ladies/ Zana: Cute cushions to cheer you up.


gentlemen/ Mr.Men mugs available in different colours and personas.


  • Birchbox.

ladies/ Because we love beauty samples and home delivery! Fill out your profile and get 5 sample of beauty products from different categories (makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance).


gentlemen/ *exclusive* Get back to nature with this lightweight cream that offers flexible control.


  • The Dragon Tree.

ladies/ Ritual for living Dreambook + Planner. A wonderful and creative tool for finding clarity and achieving goals, while nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Use it at your own rhythm: daily/weekly/monthly!


gentlemen/ Treat his achy body with the Muscle Melt Herbal Bath, a blend of Chinese herbs.

men_herbel bath

  • Miscellaneous.

ladies/ Modern Mud: Pink and gold ceramic crystal ring cone.


gentlemen/ Personalized stainless steel blade pocket knife.


  • Jewelry.

ladies/ Noémiah: Because we never have enough jewelry and the “14K Rose Gold” color is amazing!


gentlemen/ The perfect gift for the dapper man.


  • Gala Darling.

The “Radical selflove” book. Tools and techniques to help you manifest a life bursting with magic, miracles, bliss and adventure. You’ll discover what makes you so magnificent.


  • Smoothie breakfast bowl.

Yes! I’ll make one for me to perfectly start my “Vday”! Selflove for my happy tummy! Find tons (and tons) of beautiful and yummy recipes on Pinterest!



If all this concept of selfloving is new for you, here are 5 things you can slowly introduce to your daily life:

♥ Listen to your own feelings.

♥ Surround yourself with caring and supporting friends/family.

♥ Take care of you (inside and outside).

♥ Express compassion toward yourself and be thankful for everything.

♥ Get enough sleep (when it’s possible!).

Share the LOVE!

Kate ♥

Buffalo News

Buffalo’s @ SUNDANCE!

The SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 is in full swing and Buffalo Jeans is part of the action! Taking place from January 21st through to the 31st in Park City, Utah, the festival is nothing but extraordinary! As told on their website, The Sundance Film Festival “brings the most original storytellers together […]for its annual program of dramatic and documentary films, shorts […] and dynamic music events.” Not only is the event filled with film & music, but it is swarming with Hollywood stars & filled with some first-rated parties!

Check out Buffalo’s  “Bottoms Up with Buffalo Jeans” event below that happened this past Sunday. Featuring beats, bites and stylish jeans!


Check out more Insta pics here.






Denim : IVY >


Denim : INKA >


Long Sleeve Tees >



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Behind the Scenes

PRE-FALL 2016 Photoshoot

Another fantastic photoshoot happened at the B.D.B h/o this week! The Pre-Fall collection offers a vast array of transition pieces from summer to fall… and let us tell you that 2016 is bringing it to a whole other level.

While sitting in, we observed the ambiance during the shoot…it’s like an “organized chaos”, only to mean that there is so much happening, you don’t know where to look! We have the stylist helping the model look fashionably A+, the makeup artist fixing the hair to be picture perfect, the photographer snapping away while the coordinator directs the hive…and of course the fabulous model doing their job like a pro!

We gotta admit that our team, is pretty superb. There’s always a friendly, positive vibe that lingers. Everyone is in a good mood and is determined to get the job done.

We were able to snap some pics from on set, check them out here…



Much love fashionlovers,

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